Photoshop Shots

The following pictures are not to be taken too seriously, as they have all (very obvious in most cases!) been made-up or adjusted in some way by using Photoshop Elements. (This may be true–to a  limited extent–with pictures elsewhere on this website.)

These pictures are not an accurate representation of their subjects. and are not designed to fool anyone, and are hardly likely to! Some pictures use photos of birds in captivity (e.g, falconry display) or from taxidermy collections such as at the Nation Museum for Scotland (some of which may be a poor representation of the bird (s) in the wild). I am considering withdrawing these altogether (even although such collections are held legally / preserved using legal means).

If you wish to use a photo for a ‘screensaver’ or other use please feel free to ‘copy & paste’. For bigger files save images from the gallery. Full files may be found by visiting: sandysroutesandshoots‘ photosets on Flickr

Place cursor on picture for title. Click for gallery. Slideshow at foot of page.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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