Bird Shots 2

Bird Shots has ‘flown’ to: sandysroutesandshoots‘ photosets on Flickr

Please copy & paste from this page if you so wish. The digital files are big enough for PowerPoint, etc. For bigger files save images from the gallery. Full files may be found by visiting the Flickr site above.

Photographic Permits from Scottish Natural Heritage (& formerly NCC) have been held for all Schedule 1 birds (given special protection by law to prevent disturbance at or near the nest / young).

Pictures are in alphabetical order but there may be pictures of the same species under ‘Bird Shots,’ ‘Bird Shots 3,’ etc. There is mixed media (digital & 35mm slide film) found here in ‘Bird Shots 2’ & in ‘Bird Shots’, but from ‘Bird Shots 3’ onward the media is digital only.

Some species can be found in the ‘Photoshop Shots’ page.

Rest cursor on picture for title. Click for gallery. Slideshow at foot of page.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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